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Artificial Intelligence to impact regional power sector jobs: Report

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will significantly impact roles within the regional power sector according to the newly-released Middle East Electricity AI & Energy Report, which forecasts major adjustments to jobs in power generation plant operations and maintenance as sensors, digitisation and machine learning are increasingly adopted.

The report cites electricity generation and street lighting management as key examples of where AI can boost production of large energy-consuming systems, with real time decision-making enabling operators to quickly identify efficiencies and investment requirements.

The report points to the emergence of new platforms which allow generator fleet connection easing the sector’s entry into the IoT era. “Eventually, resultant insights could result in further innovation, no matter what the generation source,” says the report.

Advances identified in the report include smarter wind turbines and grids, as well as AI and monitoring systems to detect solar output falls. “The need for more complete data is also driving the industry, which in turn is driving requirements for autonomous surveillance drones, better sensors, cybersecurity protocols, and supply chain optimisation,” says the report. Beneficial outputs identified include more efficient demand response and load aggregation, reduced operation and asset management costs, lower generation capacity needs, as well as greater billing, loading profiling, forecasting and asset loading.

And although AI is currently employed for routine tasks, the report predicts its scope is likely to grow as systems improve with new technologies creeping into professional services.
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