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OETC inaugurates first 400kV system in North Al Batinah

Oman Electricity Transmission Company (OETC) held an official ceremony to inaugurate the newly introduced 400kV system at Batinah North Region comprising three 400kV grid stations, 400kV cables, and overhead lines.

These projects form part of OETC's plans to enhance and develop the unified transmission network and transmit the power generated from the new generation station in Suhar to different governorates. The project's total cost reached around OMR100 million.

The event was held under the patronage of Shaikh Muhanna bin Saif bin Salim Al Lamki, Governor of Batinah North Governorate, in the presence of the executive management of OETC and dignitaries from the local community,

The inauguration of these projects marks the completion of the 400kV power system in the Suhar area implemented through three major projects, namely the construction of three major 400kV grid stations—the Suhar IPP3-3 grid station, the Suhar Free Zone grid station and the Seih-Al-Makarim grid station. This project involved the installation of 48 nos 400kV bays, six nos 400/220kV 500MVA transformers, and associated equipment at a total cost of OMR48 million and was implemented over a period of 28 months.

The construction of 400kV underground cables & overhead lines from Suhar IPP-3 to Suhar Free Zone Grid Station consists of four circuits of 10.907kms of cables and 5.630kms of overhead lines at an overall cost of OMR26 million and a construction period of 30 months.

The construction of 400kV OHL is between Suhar Free Zone and Mahadah GS and between 400kV Suhar Free Zone and 400kV SIS GS. This is 95kms of overhead lines at an estimated cost of OMR23 million.

OETC completed several important projects last year in North Al Batinah Governorate, and among them is the Shinas City Grid Station, Al Awainat Grid Station in Suhar, and adding new 132kV transformers in the 132kV Suhar Free Zone Grid Station. These projects have contributed to the enhancement of the grid and dispatch of power in a safe and economic manner.

As part of its plans to interconnect the north and southern parts of the Sultanate, OETC floated a tender for consultancy works for the construction of a 400kV grid to link the main 400kV at Izki with the Special Economic Zone Authority in Duqm (Sezad). Subsequently, the north and south grids will be connected in the near future. The estimated cost of connecting Sezad with the main grid is OMR122 million.

Commenting on the inauguration of these projects, Eng. Ali bin Said Al Hadabi, Chief Executive Officer of Oman Electricity Transmission Company, said, “We are proud to inaugurate these projects which are of high national importance and form part of the main power grid and sustainable development movement that the Sultanate is witnessing.”

“We left no stone unturned to overcome the challenges associated with the construction of lines and cables. For the first time in the Sultanate we used EHV steel monopoles for connecting SFZ to overcome the lack of corridors allocated for the overhead lines. OETC used tunnels to extend 400kV cables under the new highway and the proposed railway path in a very professional technical way," he said.

"Moreover, micro tunneling has been employed as an optimal solution in the critical paths inside Suhar Free Zone. We are also proud to announce that OETC fulfilled its obligation to evacuate the power generated from the new generation station in Suhar with a capacity of 1930MW in the main power grid,” he added.

OETC plays a key role within the electricity sector in the Sultanate, as it is responsible for acting as a link between the power generation plants in different parts of the Sultanate and distribution companies.

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