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OAPFD inks pact to set up Steyr service centre

The Omani Authority for Partnership for Development (OAPFD) has signed a project agreement establishing the Steyr Service and Maintenance Centre (SSMC) in partnership with the Steyr Arms company as part of its commitment to the Partnership for Development Programme in cooperation with the Ministry of Defence. The agreement was signed on behalf of the Authority by Dr Dhafir bin Awadh al Shanfari, its Chief Executive Officer (CEO), while Gerhard Unterganschnigg (Chairman) signed on behalf of Steyr.

Under terms of the agreement, Steyr will provide the equipment and the associated tools for the Advanced Maintenance of Steyr Weapons, as well as conducting training for Omani’s working in the Centre to efficiently execute the maintenance procedure necessary to prevent damage to the equipment during the normal course of product usage. “OAPFD aims to strengthen the Military and Security Sector through the transfer of the new equipment, technologies and training programmes to support this sector through the SSMC project, which will contribute to reducing the maintenance and service costs related to Steyr’s products,” Dr Al Shanfari said.

Steyr Service and Maintenance Centre consists of eight sections which are (1) Registration and Logistics (2) Assembling /Disassembling (3) Cleaning (4) Quality Assurance (5) Barrel Cell (6) Paint Shop (7) Workplaces and (8) Test shooting. For setting up the SSMC, Steyr will transfer specific technologies, the Know-How, Machinery and Training to Oman. The major part of the staff training will be performed at the premises of Steyr in Austria. The purpose of doing so is to best get the Oman staff acquainted with Steyr’s culture and to obtain the quality standards in production and service.

“We are very proud to deepen our already long standing relationship with the Sultanate of Oman by establishing Steyr Service and Maintenance Centre as Part of our PFD Obligation. This will not just benefit the quality and lifetime of the Steyr products in the Sultanate of Oman, but also bring new know how and technology into the Country,” Gerhard Unterganschnigg, said.

Brigadier General Khalfan al Sulaimani — Head of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Department of the Royal Army of Oman, stated:” The Steyr Service and Maintenance Centre aims to enhance the technical support of the Royal Army of Oman and to provide the staff of the Centre with the expertise that benefits the Royal Army of Oman as well as strengthening the relationship between the Royal Army of Oman and Steyr, which will eventually provide further opportunities for cooperation between the two sides.”
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