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BP Oman renews contract with Veolia

BP has renewed Veolia Middle East’s five-year contract for a reverse osmosis raw water treatment plant in Oman’s Khazzan tight gas field.

Veolia, the global leader in optimised resource management, will continue to handle operations and maintenance (O&M) at the facility, which has a capacity of 6,000 m3/day, split between 4,000 m3/day of processed water and 2,000 m3/day of drinking water.

Sébastien Chauvin, CEO of Veolia Middle East, said: “With this new contract, BP and Veolia have reaffirmed their support of the sultanate’s strategic vision.

“The scheme is an example of Veolia’s commitment towards sustainable development in the industries and communities in which it operates,” he added.

In line with the Government’s economic development strategy, Veolia plans to promote Omanisation, raising the proportion of Omani citizens in its workforce to 80 per cent within the contract’s first six months. It will also roll out a tailor-made in-country value procurement programme that will prioritise Omani goods and suppliers.

Aflah Al Hadhrami, BP’s Regional Director for PSCM, said: “BP is committed to supporting the Sultanate of Oman’s In-Country Value initiative.

“Our contract with Veolia and the way it is structured is another example of how we are committed towards building local content into our supply chain – a key focus area of our procurement strategy,” he added.

Veolia has operated in Oman for more than 12 years. The Sultanate remains one of its most important development platforms in the Arabian Gulf, employing more than 120 people to date.

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