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GCC Supreme Council consultative panel meets

The Consultative Authority of the GCC Supreme Council held a meeting at the headquarters of the Consultative Authority Office in Muscat on Wednesday. Yusuf bin Alawi bin Abdallah, Minister Responsible for Foreign Affairs, delivered a speech during the opening of the meeting, in which he praised the efforts exerted by the Consultative Authority within the framework of the overall work of the Gulf Cooperation Council, in addition to its views and ideas on many issues. Dr Abdul Latif bin Rashid al Zayani, GCC Secretary-General, stressed the positive and active role of the Consultative Authority in the Gulf joint work process since its establishment, with a total of 44 studies, including 997 recommendations in all fields assigned to it by the leaders of the GCC countries.

Ahmed bin Yousef al Harthy, Chairman of the Consultative Authority in its current session, said that this meeting comes with the consensus of all member states in appreciation of the work of the consultative authority and its studies that support the development and social orientations in the Member States. Agenda of the first meeting included the appointment of Ahmed bin Yousef al Harthy as Chairman and Hamad bin Abdul Rahman al Madfa as Deputy-Chairman in accordance with the Statutes of the Consultative Authority and its by-laws.

The Meeting discussed all arising issues and topics and completed discussion of the decisions of the Supreme Council at its thirty-seventh session to assign Consultative Authority to examine topics of the agenda. The Consultative Authority discussed the following topics: social Networking: importance and risks; women and comprehensive development in the GCC countries; frameworks and areas of strategic cooperation between the GCC Countries and Africa.
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