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MADAYN industrial cities employ 20,000 Omanis

The importance of Omanisation in the industrial and manufacturing sector was highlighted at a seminar organised by the Public Establishment for Industrial Estates (Madayn) at Crowne Plaza Sohar yesterday. The seminar was held under the auspices of Hamad bin Khamis al Amri, Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Manpower for Labour Affairs.

Speaking at the event, Hilal bin Hamad al Hasani, Chief Executive Officer of Madayn, explained that it was important for Madayn to spotlight the topic of Omanisation and the significance of training and qualifying the national cadres in the industrial sector in particular and other sectors in general. “This shall raise the competence and productivity and create an ideal work environment, which would positively reflect on the Sultanate’s national economy,” Al Hasani said.

“One of the major national objectives that Madayn seeks to achieve is providing suitable job opportunities for the national workforce. By the end of 2018, Madayn has provided more than 20,000 job opportunities for the nationals in its various industrial cities, of which more than 6,000 opportunities were provided in Suhar Industrial City. We should note here that the overall Omanisation rate achieved by Madayn has touched 35 per cent by the end of 2018. The Omanisation rate in Suhar Industrial City alone has reached 34 per cent during the same period. These results would not have been achieved without concerted efforts and coordination with the Ministry of Manpower and the factories and companies,” he pointed out.

Al Hasani pointed out that since 2011 Madayn has adopted training programmes and plans for the workforce who are based in the various industrial cities. Madayn has also provided training opportunities for the national cadres who are working in senior administrative and supervisory positions.

“In line with Madayn’s efforts to achieve comprehensive and sustainable economic and social development based on the capabilities of the Omani youth, Madayn Industrial Academy has been established recently and is currently being prepared through cooperation with a number of partners. The academy shall provide vocational and technical training programmes to train and qualify the Omani cadres and accordingly raise their productivity and readiness for the market as per the requirements of the factories and companies,” he informed.

He added that Madayn has recently signed an agreement with Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) with the aim of providing employment opportunities through training for employment, direct hire, redeployment and on-job training. Al Hasani also noted that Madayn will be signing soon a number of agreements with partners of successful experiences from within and outside the Sultanate in order to ensure the best results and achieve highest levels of professionalism and efficiency of the Omani workforce. Madayn has also created recently a department specialised in Omanisation matters to follow up the updates in its various industrial cities.

A number of papers were delivered at the seminar, which elaborated more on Omanisation in the Sultanate’s industrial sector. Zahra al Siyabi, director of Industrial Development at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, explained that a technical team has been formed to follow up employment in the manufacturing sector, and is responsible of listing all the current and prospective job opportunities in the sector. The team also has the task of receiving the Omanisation and employment plans from the industrial units. The team is cooperating with various related bodies to update and unify related data.

Al Siyabi noted that the team has been formed as per the Ministerial Decision 55/2019 and comprises representatives of the following bodies: Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Ministry of Manpower, Implementation Support and Follow-up Unit (ISFU), Public Establishment for Industrial Estates — Madayn, and Oman Manufacturers’ Association.
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