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Oman LNG celebrates staff graduation

Attesting to its robust staff development, Oman LNG recently celebrated the graduation of 73 staff who completed various development programmes such as academic studies from reputable universities and accredited professional institutions and training centres. The graduation ceremony, held at Oman LNG’s plant in Sur, follows the company’s deliberate planning and execution of its development schemes for staff. It is also the main catalyst in urging its staff to achieve professional qualifications that drive expertise on the job, which has resulted in a growing number of staff who are undertaking professional qualifications in different disciplines at various accredited institutes around the globe.

Since coming on stream nearly two decades ago, Oman LNG has grown to become a role model for other enterprises in the Sultanate to emulate. The company has earned a stellar reputation for itself as a nurturing ground for local talent in the oil and gas industry, and as the largest investor in corporate social responsibility initiatives through its Development Foundation. “Our staff have been Oman LNG’s most prized asset in the business. I take this opportunity to thank all colleagues for their dedication and commitment on pursuing their development schemes. Oman LNG started with a clear vision in mind for Omanisation, where recruitment and training of Omani nationals is ranked as a critical success factor. Thus, Oman LNG is committed to an established long-term employee development plan that encompasses tailor-made schemes and programmes,” said Harib al Kitani, Oman LNG’s Chief Executive Officer.
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