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OCCI's Ramadan evening event to focus on ‘blue economy’

Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OCCI) will organise its second Ramadan evening on Monday entitled “The Importance of the Blue Economy in Strengthening and Diversifying the Sultanates Economy” at its headquarters in Muscat.

The evening will discuss innovation and investment opportunities in marine industries and a number of other topics, including aquaculture and fishing in the Sultanate, marine logistics and supporting industries, as well as opportunities for renewable energies and ocean water production.

The meeting will involve Eng. Daoud bin Sulaiman Al Yahya ee, Director of Aquaculture Development Department at the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Eng. Ahmed bin Said Tabook, Senior Manager of the Middle East and Africa Markets (Asyad), Eng. Al Waleed bin Mohammed Al Shu’aili from Performance Management Team at Tanfeedh, Eng. Bushra bint Ja’afar al Abdawani, PhD Researcher in Environmental Sciences, Head of the Muscat Centre for Sustainable Development, and Dr. Hussein bin Mohammad Ridha Al Masqati, Director of Fisheries Resources Development and Management Department, Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries.

The evening will be attended by a number of officials and decision-makers in government institutions, private sector institutions and other institutions and specialists in the financial and economic sector in general. OCCI called upon all interested parties in the sector, businessmen and businesswoman to attend its second Ramadhan evening.

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