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CBFS signs MoU to form CFA Oman

The Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Institute recently formed a local chapter comprising of about 60 members in the Sultanate. Dr Nasser al Mawali, Dean of the College of Banking and Financial Studies (CBFS), and Sachin Sawrikar President, CFA Oman, signed an agreement to formalise the sponsorship of the new chapter by CBFS.

The signing ceremony held at CBFS was attended by senior representatives of the College, Board of Directors of CFA Oman and the CFA Institute. The formal inaugural event for CFA Oman is expected to held in September 2019.

Dr Nasser al Mawali said: “CBFS is proud to sponsor CFA Oman, thereby strengthening cooperation and coordination among various stakeholders to adopt the best practices for learning and exchange of knowledge in the areas of finance and investment. CBFS has been helping the financial services industry in the Sultanate for its various training needs.”
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Oman Business News
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