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Shell Oman signs pact to set up integrated solar power system

On the occasion of Islamic Orphan Day, Shell Oman has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Ministry of Social Development (MoSD) for the implementation of an integrated solar power system and educational programme at the Child Care Center in Al Khoudh.

The signing ceremony took place as part of an Iftar event hosted in celebration of Orphan Day and was held under the patronage of Minister of Social Development Sheikh Mohammed Bin Said Al Kalbani. The MoU was signed by Dr Yahya Bin Badr Al Ma'awali, Undersecretary at the Ministry of Social Development, Chris Breeze, Shell Oman Country Chairman, and Dr Mohammed Mahmood Al Balushi, Chief Executive Officer of Shell Oman Marketing Company. The event was attended by dignitaries, representatives, and key staff from Ministry of Social Development, Shell Oman, and various charitable associations in Oman.

According to the MoU, Shell Oman will provide the Child Care Center with solar power panels for power consumption, in addition to rolling out an educational STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) programme called NXplorer.

Dr Mohammed Mahmood Al Balushi, Chief Executive Officer of Shell Oman Marketing, said: “Shell Oman has always been on the forefront when it comes to taking the innovative and effective path to create a positive impact in people’s lives. In continuing our journey of being leaders in the drive for change, we are delighted to partner with Ministry of Social Development for the implementation of the integrated solar power system and educational programme at the Child Care Center in Al Khoud."

"This initiative comes in line with Shell Oman’s ongoing commitment to promote energy transition and sustainability within Oman, foster the development of the small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) sector by empowering local SMEs with the knowledge the business opportunities the project will provide, and boost interest among Omani youth in STEM educational streams, thereby contributing to Oman’s future energy scene and its economic transition,” he added.

“Shell Oman’s purpose is to power progress together; by providing more, as well as cleaner energy solutions. We are pleased to join hands with the Ministry of Social Development to install solar photovoltaic (PV) panels at the Child Care Center in Al Khoud. This will help reduce operating costs of the Center and displace some electricity that is generated by burning precious gas, thereby reducing CO2 emissions,” said Chris Breeze, Shell Oman Country Chairman.

“This follows our successful Solar into Schools initiative, which is aimed at inspiring young Omanis about renewable energy sources and STEM; and plays a future role in the Sultanate’s energy transition," he added.

As part of this initiative by Shell Oman, one of the Shell Intilaaqah-trained Omani SMEs will support the solar power installation, while helping train the relevant personnel within the Ministry on its maintenance and care. In addition to this, a proper energy efficiency evaluation-analysis will be done to identify areas of improvement for the Center in the future.

The introduction of NXplorer, an innovative educational programme that introduces youth and future leaders to complex and creative thinking, will help to bring about a positive change in the children’s mindset. NXplorer focuses on Energy, Water, and Food, builds awareness and knowledge of energy problems, and stirs the youths’ interest in STEM from an early age.

Shell Oman’s sustainable social investment initiatives continue to build a platform for developing and implementing projects in Oman for the benefit of the youth, while contributing to the nation’s energy transition and In-Country Value agenda.

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