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Oman LNG ICV initiatives support youth development

Attesting to its robust In-Country Value (ICV) initiatives, Oman LNG said that recently 42 Omanis have benefited from Oman LNG ICV initiatives. These ICV opportunities ranged from direct employment, internship, long term training, and prominent summer training programmes within and outside Oman. Such move comes to bolster Oman LNG’s relentless efforts in nurturing and developing Omani youth.

The ICV celebration, held at Oman LNG’s head office in Muscat in the presence of Oman LNG CEO Harib Al Kitani, follows the company’s deliberate efforts in developing ICV content in Oman and raising ICV opportunities. Such ICV efforts by Oman LNG can benefit business development in Oman, contribute to human capability development and stimulate productivity in the Omani economy.

Oman LNG, to achieve its aspirations of contributing in a sustainable manner to ICV objectives has engaged with the Ministry of Oil and Gas, a number of oil and gas companies in Oman, Oman Society for Petroleum Services (Opal), suppliers and contractors, and local communities in various ways. Furthermore, Oman LNG is a member of Oil and Gas ICV Committee and its relevant sub-committees, namely C&P Managers ICV Forum and HR Forum. Via these committees, Oman LNG has managed to share information with other members and discuss challenges, opportunities and innovations in realisation of ICV objectives.

Harib Al Kitani, CEO of Oman LNG, said: “we are celebrating the success of 42 Omanis as they embark on various ICV programmes. These ICV programmes boosts Oman LNG’s continuous efforts in developing and enhancing Omani youth capabilities. At Oman LNG, we understand the challenges ahead and regularly review our ICV plans to maximise added value for Omani youth and our beloved Oman.”

“The 42 opportunities range from direct employment, internship, and training in major national and international business partners. Today’s event is a stepping stone for more opportunities planned for the near future. This comes in line with the government direction to create employment and development opportunities for Omani youth,” said Mohammed Al Mukhaini, ICV Manager at Oman LNG.

Since coming on stream nearly two decades ago, Oman LNG has grown to become a role model for other enterprises in the Sultanate to emulate. The company has earned a stellar reputation for itself as a nurturing ground for local talent in the oil and gas industry, and as the largest investor in corporate social responsibility initiatives through its Development Foundation.

Outside its operations, Oman LNG, through its Development Foundation, is also contributing to Human Resource Development in the Sultanate through strategic partnerships with several entities from both public and private sectors, and recognised professional bodies, such as the Opal by funding training-for-employment programs that prepare Omanis for careers in specialised fields. Upon graduation, these newly-qualified graduates are then fed into ready-made jobs available in the labour market. This particular program has been effective in assisting many organisations in Oman to increase their own Omanisation levels and support in meeting their organisation’s capacity production.

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