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Madayn holds training programme on financial analysis

The Public Establishment for Industrial Estates (Madayn) organised recently a training course on financial analysis for finance directors in the industrial cities pertaining to Madayn, heads of accounting, accountants and financial analysts. The five-day programme, which was held in Al Buraimi, aimed at introducing the participants to the concept of financial analysis, its types and implementation process.

The programme highlighted the advanced scientific models used in forecasting financial failure of companies and the practical procedures of their implementation.

The training programme also underscored the required skills for financial study and analysis, the fundamentals for decision-making, in addition to skills of drafting financial analysis report.

Additionally, the programme underlined the general framework for financial analysis, objectives and standards of financial analysis, scientific methodology used in financial analysis, financial statement analysis, income statement, and cash flow statement.

It is worth mentioning that the programme was held as part of the efforts undertaken by Madayn to develop and train its human cadres from the various industrial cities. These efforts aim at enhancing employees’ performance and motivation, which contribute to increasing production and improving quality.

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