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MJEC launches projects worth RO 13 million

Majan Electricity Company (MJEC), aiming at providing a safe, economic and continuous power grid in accordance with highest standards, quality and safety specifications for its customers, launched some projects in various areas with a value exceeding RO 13 million during the past months of this year. This is a part of the annual plan for 2019, including establishment of expansion projects of the power grid, in addition to strengthening the grid and related projects in various company’s concession areas. The MJEC launched a number of 33/11 kV substations and 33 KV power lines to enhance the grid for the summer of 2019 and meet the growing demand for energy.

In Al Batinah North Governorate, five main projects have been launched consisting of construction of a 33/11 kV substation with a capacity of 2×20 MVA and 33 KV supply lines in Majaz, Suhar. They also include the construction of two 33/11 kV substations with a capacity of 2×20 MVA and 33 KV supply lines in Liwa, 4 feeders with a capacity of 33 KV and 4 fibre optic feeders from the main Sohar Industrial Station to Sohar Water Desalination Plant. In order to enhance the operational safety of plants and ensure the continuous supply of power to consumers regularly. Furthermore, the Wadi Ahin substation has been extended from 2×3 MVA to 6×2 MVA and Al Layhban substation from 2×3 MVA to 6×2 MVA.

In Al Dhahirah Governorate, four vital projects have been launched within MJEC’s plan for this year. The Ibri Industrial Station has been extended from 2×20 MVA to 3×20 MVA. In addition, the Dhank 3 substation of 33/11kV with a capacity of 2×20 MVA has been constructed. Two ground feeding cables of 33 KV have been transferred from Dhank Main station to Dhank Substation. Furthermore, a temporary station of 26× MVA at Kubarah Substation has been constructed in addition to the improvement and enhancement of Dhank Main Station of 33 KV.

In Al Buraimi Governorate, MJEC has extended Al Rawdah (Al Madam) Substation from 2×6 MVA to 2×10 MVA and constructed Mahdah Station (2) of 33/11 KV with a capacity of (2×20) MVA along with a 33 KV line from Al Buraimi Main Industrial Station.

Salem Masoud al Kaabi, Chief Operating Officer, said that these projects are of priority and significance within Company’s agenda for this year to fulfil the growing demand on energy, especially during the summer when loads are getting higher due to the high consumption and the expansion witnessed by the industrial areas such as Sohar Industrial Port and the Free Zone, in addition to industrial areas in different governorates within MJEC’s concession areas.
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