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Muscat Electricity connects solar systems to grid

Muscat Electricity Distribution Company (MEDC), a member of Nama Group, has connected the solar PV systems of 16 customers in Muscat Governorate to the local grid. They include seven government customers, while the rest are a mix of residential and commercial customers, offering a total of 2.3 MW of capacity.

Solar PV generation capacity is projected to rise to more than 8 MW when more the solar plants of more customers are connected to the grid over the next two years, the company said. A total of 38 applications have been received for connecting solar power systems in the governorate, it stated.

Installation costs per kilowatt capacity typically range from RO 300 to RO 800 based on information provided by contractors, according to MEDC. “We hope this cost this decrease gradually with the availability of more manufacturers and the growing efficiency of PV panels,” it said.

Regulations governing grid-connected solar PV installations were approved by the Authority for Electricity Regulation in the third quarter of 2017.

Oman plans to secure at least 30 per cent of the electricity demand from renewable energy sources. An ambitious renewable energy development programme supported by Nama Group members will also help support job creation for Omanis, and contribute to GDP growth as well.
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John Smith
businessgateways team
251 days ago
You will have to contact the relevant authorities for this information
John Smith
Abdelfattah Abu Sharkh
254 days ago
Hello Can we please get copy of the regulations related to solar connection to grid Regards ATLAS GLOBAL TRADING Co