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5G based pilot projects for businesses in Oman

Omantel’s two main telecom operators Omantel and Ooredoo are preparing to pilot 5G based telecom offerings targeted at businesses in the Sultanate. According to the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA), the initiative is part of a wider effort by the telecom sector, supported by various government stakeholders, to prepare Oman for the eventual roll-out of ultrafast 5G services. A high-level national team, set up by the TRA, is pressing ahead with efforts to support the adoption of 5G in the Sultanate, said TRA Chairman Dr Mohammed bin Hamad al Rumhy. The team is engaging with various stakeholders, as well as the international community, “to learn and adopt best practices” relevant to this cutting-edge technology.

“Pilot projects for the provision of 5G services to the business community are on the anvil by both the licensed operators,” said Dr Al Rumhy in the Chairman’s Message published in the newly released annual report of the authority. Initial spectrum ranges in the band of 3.4 GHz have already been allocated to Omantel and Ooredoo, while the same resources will be made available to the third mobile operator — Vodafone branded Oman Future Telecommunications (OFT) — on an equitable basis, he said.

Significantly, the TRA is also working with the Omani government in supporting the development of a strong policy framework for the wider Information & Communications Technology (ICT) sector. The government, said Dr Al Rumhy, has initiated the process of development of a long-term vision document covering the 2020 — 2040 timeframe envisioning a pivotal role for ICT as an “enabler and major contributor to the economy”, he said.

At the same time, the TRA is working with the logistics sector to help promote ecommerce activities by leveraging the digital transformation underway across the world. “Cross sector cooperation and evolution of innovative channels of delivering electronic services is an ongoing initiative,” the Chairman said. He added that the postal services sector is also supporting the transformation effort in order to drive ecommerce growth.

Looking back on the highlights of the past year, Dr Al Rumhy said the award of a third mobile license (announced earlier this month) would help boost the telecom industry. “The level of competition in the Omani mobile market is expected to enhance, consequently resulting in wider choice to the consumers in terms of price and quality of services,” he said.

The launch of two new telecom companies last year bode well for the growth of the sector, said the Chairman. Oman Tower Company, a government owned entity, will facilitate investments in passive infrastructure in the form of mobile sites and towers aimed at promoting infrastructure sharing and environment protection. Likewise, Oman Satellite Company will support the formulation or a space-based programme, as well as enable the ICT sector provide services across inaccessible and remote parts of the country. “All these initiatives of the government are aimed at augmenting and supporting the infrastructure base needed for the ICT sector,” he added.
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