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Haya Water hires KPMG as financial advisers

Haya Water has awarded the tender for consultation and financial work on the construction of the Al Misfah Plant Project to a global consulting firm, KPMG.

The announcement for this was made during an official signing ceremony that took place at Bait Haya.

The tender is for the preparation and implementation of a public-private partnership — which will act as a blueprint for the implementation of future wastewater projects — and for the preparation of the tender for the construction of Al Misfah Plant Project.

The project includes two main phases, the first stage of which is the preparation of all contractual documents and the selection of developers and all related procedures.

The first phase also includes several major activities relating to the technical and contractual aspects, like a technical and financial feasibility study, to compare the difference in costs and the advantages envisaged for the project is implemented through the public or private sector.

In addition to this, the first phase will include the preparation, launch and awarding of a tender for the construction of Al Misfah Sewage Treatment Plant in Bausher as the first project to be implemented by Haya Water through a partnership with the private sector. This stage also includes the development of a mechanism for the supervision and follow-up of the project during the contractual period to ensure the rights and responsibilities of each signed party.

The second phase includes the preparation of the framework and review of policies and legislation related to partnership projects from the technical, financial and administrative aspects.

The second phase also includes the preparation of the framework for organising these type of projects, and will focus on reviewing all relevant legislation and laws and will identify aspects that need to be strengthened and regulated, as well as the implementation of this framework and training to be an integrated system for the implementation of similar future projects.

The company plans to complete the project of a wastewater treatment plant in the Al Misfah area in the Wilayat of Bausher, through a partnership with the private sector, and this plant will be dedicated to yellow tankers with an initial capacity of 40,000 cubic metres per day.

The initial estimated cost is OMR47 million.

Therefore, all yellow tankers will be directed to the new STP as an alternative to the current Al Ansab STP that is located, on the Express Way, in Al Irfan city, which will have a positive impact on the general view and related matters such as traffic.

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