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Nama Group partners with ESO to launch Green Innovation Eco-Thon

Nama Group, in collaboration with the Environment Society of Oman (ESO), announced on Wednesday the launch of a youth initiative competition, titled ‘Green Innovation ECO-Thon’ in support of the Group’s Sustainability Policy.

The programme, to be conducted over three days, aims at encouraging youngsters to provide innovative solutions on environment issues. The ECO-Thon has invited 105 students from colleges and universities to present their best projects, applications and systems related to the 4th Industrial Revolution.

The event will mainly focus on three themes: i) waste management (reducing waste, recycling, up-cycling, waste-to-energy innovations), ii) carbon capture and alternatives (smart transportation, carbon capture through plants, renewable energy sources as alternatives) and iii) energy and water efficiency (on campus) in addition to other innovative themes. The initiative also witnesses participations from key community experts to discuss local environmental challenges, distinguished panel of judges from environment, sustainability and technical applications background, as well as mentors who will help and guide students in their projects preparation.

Through this programme, Nama Group aims to achieve common objectives that are in line with the Sultanate’s goals and the global environmental orientation to employ Artificial Intelligence in the environment field.
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