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Oman Industry Week 2020 to highlight industrial sector achievements

In the presence of Mohsen bin Khamis al Balushi, the adviser of the ministry, Ministry of Commerce and Industry held a press conference on Oman Industry Week 2020 on Tuesday morning at Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre.

Through Oman Industry Week, the ministry aims to highlight the achievements in the industrial sector during 50 years of Renaissance. Also, the ministry aims to highlight the joint cooperation between the government and private sectors to support and develop Omani industry and other related sectors, discuss new opportunities in the sector through the meetings of workers in the industrial sector, promoting Omani industry by highlighting the role of industrial partners in the development and diversification of the Omani economy, in addition to discussing the challenges faced by the industrial sector, and the development of a plan for the requirements of the next phase.

During the conference, they reviewed the activities of Oman Industry Week to celebrate Oman’s Industry Day, which is on the ninth of February of each year, in honour of the visit of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos to the Al-Rusayil Industrial Zone in 1991.

Oman Industry Week 2020 will include the meeting of Dr Ali bin Masoud al Sunaidy, Minister of Commerce and Industry with the industrialists and the presence of a large number of CEOs from the manufacturing sector. The meeting will highlight the most prominent achievements of the Omani industry during the whole year, as well as, the main challenges facing Omani industry and industrialists to increase the contribution of the industrial sector to GDP and promote the development and the economy. This reflects the ministry’s continued support for industry and industrialists. The meeting will also include the launch of Oman Industry Book which tells the story of Oman’s industry during the last five decades of the blessed Renaissance. The book will also contain the development witnessed by the Sultan Qaboos Award for Industrial Excellence focusing on innovation in factories through the allocation of a special cup for the most innovative factory, the role of government and private institutions in the development of the industrial sector, the role of international relations in facilitating trade, successful stories of Omani industrial figures, as well as the role of government and private institutions in the development of the industrial sector, and the role of international relations in facilitating trade exchange, in addition to the success stories of Omani industrial figures.

During the Omani Industry Week, Oman Industrial Products Exhibition will be organised with the participation of more than 150 Omani industrial companies from various industrial sectors. The exhibition will target consumers, investors, school students and other related entities. It aims to promote the Omani product by highlighting the quality of products and conforming to international standards and specifications.
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