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IIC welcomes new cohort of F&B innovators to Industrial Innovation Programme

The Industrial Innovation Centre (IIC) has welcomed the latest cohort of would-be innovators to its Food and Beverage (F&B) Industrial Innovation Specialists Programme (IISP). The F&B sector is the main focus of IIC for the duration of 2019, as the Centre responds to the opportunities presented by rising global demand for F&B products and addresses the challenges of food security.

Each of the three modules of this Industrial Innovation Specialists Programme covers one specific sector of the F&B industry. The first was devoted to plant-based food products – from jams and jellies to pasta, rice and soup. This second module addresses opportunities in animal food products – meat, poultry and fish – while the third module, starting in December, will home in on liquid and dairy food products including fruit and vegetable based drinks, teas, honey, pro-biotic beverages and the popular functional drinks for health conscious consumers.

This second module of the three part programme starts with an introduction to innovation strategy before moving on to cover food manufacturing technology, food safety, hazard analysis and critical control, food packaging technology and branding as well as prototyping. The final topic of the module will focus on the all-important commercialization stage of the innovation journey.

Commenting on IIC’s Industrial Innovation Specialists Programmes, the Centre’s CEO, Dr Abdullah al Mahrooqi said: “Designed to build a robust infrastructure as well as an ecosystem for innovation in Oman’s food industry, these programmes have been specially developed to build a unique cadre of trained innovators with the ability to apply innovation across organisations and the mindset and skillset to deploy fresh perspectives in the commercialization of bold new products and services that make an impact in the marketplace.” IIC Food & Beverages Innovation Consultant Dr Bashair al Riyamiya, remarked: “All three modules of this highly specialised F&B capacity building programme help attendees understand the food market and guide them in crystallising their existing business concepts while building fundamental knowledge of key practical elements of the industry.

The modules also provide attendees with the skills to market-validate their concepts using a variety of digital tools and conduct social media marketing campaigns. Indeed, the F&B industry offers a wealth of opportunities for innovative entrepreneurs and manufacturers whose efforts can not only put their own business on the road to success but also help reduce Oman’s imports of food commodities, contribute to GDP and enhance our nation’s food security.” Part of IIC’s Capacity Building Programme, this three-tiered programme is IIC’s third Industrial Innovation Specialists Programme of the year.
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