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Indian firm wins deal for new calcium chloride plant in Suhar

Indian based project management, engineering, manufacturing and construction firm Nuberg EPC has been awarded a contract for the expansion of an existing chlor-alkali plant, as well as construction of a greenfield calcium chloride plant for Oman Chlorine in Suhar.

As part of the project, Nuberg EPC will expand the capacity of Oman Chlorine’s chlor-alkali plant from the present 45 tonnes per day (TPD) capacity to 75 TPD. Output will include caustic soda, hydrochloric acid and sodium hypochlorite.

In addition, the company will construct an 80 TPD calcium chloride plant. The project is due for completion in FY 2020-21.

The contract was signed at Oman Chlorine’s head office in Muscat. Said al Habsi, CEO, Oman Chlorine and A K Tyagi, Chairman and Managing Director (CMD), Nuberg, represented the two sides.

Nuberg EPC has delivered over 20 chlor-alkali and five calcium chloride projects worldwide. The company is recognised as the world’s second ranked 2 EPC company for chlor-alkali and top ranked EPC company for calcium chloride projects. Nuberg EPC is the only company in the world which has delivered chlor-alkali plants with all the membrane technologies available in the market.

To address chlorine issue in chlor-alkali plants Nuberg EPC offers turnkey solutions for chlorine and derivates and has delivered plants for stable bleaching powder, ferric chloride, chlorinated paraffin wax apart from calcium chloride. Nuberg EPC also offers EDC, VCM and PVC plants which can use chlorine for EDC production.

Nuberg EPC’s scope of services for the project is on EPC & LSTK basis including design, FEED, basic and detailed engineering, fabrication, procurement, supply & installation, construction supervision and commissioning of the plant. For chlor-alkali, the plant will have the most advanced bipolar membrane cell technology licensed from UK based Inovyn.

“We have installed over 20 chlorine and derivatives plants worldwide but this project will be our first involvement in Oman. The project also demonstrates our leadership in the Middle East. The project will have best-in-class technology and emissions according to global standards. We have the necessary local knowledge, capabilities and competencies to deliver world-class turnkey solution,” said A K Tyagi, CMD, Nuberg.

The popularity of caustic soda is increasing in Oman region because of the multiple use of caustic soda in various industries like chemical, automotive, water treatment and food & beverage. The demand of caustic soda is accelerated in Oman’s caustic soda market because of availability and affordability over its substitutes, it is one of the most preferred chemical compounds employed to control acidity and remove heavy metals from water.

Oman Chlorine SAOG owns and operates a caustic soda plant located at the Suhar Industrial City. The company covers domestic as well as international markets through their produced chemicals. Oman Chlorine produces five main products such as hydrochloric acid which is mainly used for stimulation of oil wells, sodium hydroxide focuses on oil refineries and power plants, sodium hypochlorite is mainly used as a bleach, caustic soda lye’s consuming industries are pulp & paper, water treatment, chemical process and calcium chloride is used in oil and gas wells.

It helps well fluids to increase density and stabilises shale formations and also seals well casings and displaces drilling mud.
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