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Oman LNG hosts workshop on HSSE challenges

With safety as the centrepiece of its operations, Oman LNG hosted a Health, Safety, Security, and Environment (HSSE) workshop targeting Chief Executive Officers of its contractors to further enhance the engagement with its valued Contractors. The workshop provided an open and rich opportunity to better understand the HSSE culture at Oman LNG and align efforts to address key HSSE challenges.

The workshop witnessed the participation of about 60 people from Oman LNG’s leadership team, contractors Chief Executive Officers and representatives from various fields. The event enunciates the company’s unrelenting drive towards establishing a culture of safety that is embraced by its people to guide efficient and safe operations of its liquefied natural gas production and export business. Oman LNG considers its contractors as an integral part of its business and key contributors to its top quartile HSSE Performance over the years.

Harib al Kitani, Oman LNG’s Chief Executive Officer, said “Our safety vigilance breeds excellence, and we continue to break safety milestones, which stand at over 34 million man-hours worked without Lost-Time Injury (LTI). What makes this achievement even more remarkable is that our record has not been broken even as we continue to deliver major operational and civil projects.” “It is clearly evident that our staff and contractors take pride in meeting our high safety standards. One of our main challenges as a company is to sustain and further enhance our safety culture, a task that demands that we always stay vigilant and demonstrate total commitment to all health, safety, security and environment matters at all times.

Oman LNG advocates a general mindset of “Chronic Unease” as a safety policy to combat complacency, defined simply as a state of remaining fastidious regarding health, safety and the environment (HSE) that drives continuous improvement.

The nature of the global energy industry, with key operations and functions often require the performance of high risk tasks. Besides normal day-to-day functions, operators in the industry often cope with periods of intense activities at their work sites geared towards maintaining safe and efficient operations and keeping production outputs stable in meeting the world’s demand for energy. These challenging work environments have placed increasing emphasis on the need for safety and due care in that everyone goes home safely everyday.
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