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First green service station to be open on Wednesday

The first green service station, an innovative step to fuel the national initiatives towards environmentally responsible future, will open on Wednesday. A move by the Oman Oil Marketing Company (OOMCO), the first-of-its-kind service station will comprise a range of unique eco-friendly features including solar panels, LED lights, a Vapour Recovery System (VRS) and an electric vehicle (EV) charger. “This is a major, ambitious project towards leading the fuel industry into a more sustainable and environmentally responsible future”, said David Kalife, CEO OOMCO. “Through using modern innovations, we have continuously been supporting Oman’s national strategy to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions and this is the latest in a long list of environmental preservation practices adopted by us.”

The new Station will provide EV chargers, a convenient mode of recharging that will ease electric vehicles which need recharging and produce less greenhouse gases and other emissions than conventional vehicles, and VRS technology, which will convert gaseous emissions to liquid and effectively eliminate the release of petrol fumes. This Green Service Station by the OOMCO is the first such venture that prompts conventional stations to go green and eco-friendly in the Sultanate, underscoring the country’s long-term strategy to transform Oman’s fuel industry by sustainably providing top-notch services to all its customers.
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