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Madayn workshop focuses on performance evaluation skills

The Public Establishment for Industrial Estates – Madayn, represented by Madayn Industrial Academy, organised recently a workshop on ‘Employee Performance Evaluation Skills’ as part of a lineup of Madayn programmes to develop the human cadres in the various industrial cities during 2020.

The workshop aimed at familiarizing the participants with the concept of job performance. The workshop elaborated on the significance of performance appraisal, which is reflected through the decisions taken by the human resources management, development of employee performance, responsibility enhancement, the achievement of organisational effectiveness, and thus improvement of organisational communication.

The workshop then discussed the objectives of the employee performance appraisal process, which include promotion and transfer, annual bonuses and incentives, discipline, punishment, dismissal and termination of service. Additionally, the workshop emphasised on the importance of having an effective communication system and appropriate awareness on the concept, objectives and criteria of evaluation through the availability of performance-related information from the approved sources.

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