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Red Sea Development Company inks deal with Saudi HR ministry

Saudi-based The Red Sea Development Company (TRSDC), the developer behind one of the world’s most ambitious tourism initiatives, has signed a deal with the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development.

The partnership is aimed at unifying efforts to target communities surrounding the project with corporate social responsibility initiatives, said the statement from TRSDC.

In an effort towards enhancing local communities through corporate social responsibility programmes the MoU extends over a full calendar year and is renewable for the same period, it added.

TRSDC is developing Saudi Arabia’s flagship international tourism destination and is setting new standards in sustainable development, aligned with all 17 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), said its CEO John Pagano, after inking the deal with Suliman Alzben, Undersecretary of Social Development.

“This MoU represents a collaborative framework towards enhancing our CSR that is in line with the sustainable development goals of the kingdom. Giving back to the people of Saudi Arabia and our local communities in particular is an important part of our vision as a company," stated Pagano.

"We believe in working together with the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development will benefit society at large," he observed.

Lauding the HR ministry on the strategic partnership, Pagano said: "This initiative is jointly aimed at strengthening and improving the quality of life for those living in close proximity to our project."

The MoU highlights the role of the ministry, outlining how it will assist in developing a framework to activate the role of corporate social responsibility and create a plan mapping the activities and programmes required based on national priorities.

It will also support further by providing the key information and data required to carry out TRSDC campaigns successfully, he added.

Alzben said the ministry in collaboration with TRSDC aims to support impactful social responsibility initiatives and programs for Saudi Arabia.

"This collaboration represents our commitment in creating a dynamic joint effort that promotes the private and government sector alike," he added

The MoU follows several initiatives already launched by TRSDC to support the local community, namely by increasing employment opportunities.

Most recently, the organisation launched a programme in collaboration with Umluj Municipality, the University of Tabuk, and Sakan, a local NGO, to provide members of the communities of Umluj and Al Wajh with training and jobs within the organisation.

This initiative has already resulted in the hiring of 45 new employees at the site landscaping nursery, said Alzben.

Similar initiatives also included providing 120 scholarships for Saudi students, to pursue a Bachelor of Science Degree in International Hospitality Management in cooperation with Prince Muqrin bin Abdulaziz University and accredited by Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL).

The company also hired 31 graduates from across the kingdom as part of the Elite Graduate Program at the start of the year, he added.
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