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TBY Oman hosts its second digital roundtable

The Business Year Oman hosts second digital roundtable on the Sultanate’s economy in the COVID-19 era.

On May 20, 2020, The Business Year launched its second digital roundtable on the Omani economy post-COVID-19, with Ithraa as the co-host. Named “Digital Transformation: before and after COVID-19,” the roundtable featured guests from the Omani ecosystem, including Dr. Abdullah Al Balushi, Country Manager of Ericsson Oman, Auf Al Balushi, General Manager of Corporate Strategy of Oman Broadband, and Claudia Vergueiro Massei, CEO of Siemens Oman.

Once again, Elena Barreiro, Country Director of The Business Year: Oman 2020, and Gabriele de Leva, Senior Country Editor, moderated the panel, covering a highly significant topic for the future of the Omani business community.

The discussion started off by highlighting the major issues affecting the Omani ICT environment. The speakers then moved on to touch on the main priorities for regulators and policymakers to enable the advent of a digital society. Establishing growth avenues for SMEs and developing a digital entrepreneurship culture were among the key points laid out by the speakers to ensure the sustainability of Oman’s digital transformation.

The next digital roundtable hosted by The Business Year will take place on June 3, at 11:00 am GST, with the collaboration and presence of key executives within the utility segment. Named “Power, Water and Sustainability after COVID-19,” the event will conclude the first series of digital panels.

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