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UAE opens new business incubator for Emirati entrepreneurs

The UAE government has launched a pioneering project, the Fazaa Center for Business Incubators and Accelerators, that provides logistical support, training, qualification, studies and consultancies for Emirati entrepreneurs.

It was inaugurated by Lt General Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior, and Chairman of the Social Solidarity Fund.

The announcement came on the sidelines of Sheikh Saif’s inauguration of Fazaa Stores in Al Ain as part of a chain of stores opened across the country.

The Fazaa Center for Business Incubators and Accelerators encourages to stimulate the leadership of ambitious Emirati youth in the field of business, enabling them to establish their projects and benefit from the distinguished services that allow them to overcome the challenges of managing, financing and marketing entrepreneurial business ventures.

The center comes within the vision of the UAE government in encouraging young people to achieve and manage their innovative ideas as startups to enter the field of entrepreneurship.

Lt. Col. Ahmed Bouharoun Al Shamsi, Director General of the Social Solidarity Fund and Managing Director of Fazaa said the Fund’s initiatives were continuous and this centre comes at an important time within direct solutions to support the capabilities of Emirati entrepreneurs, especially the young group of them, to continue and grow their business and overcome the negative repercussions due to the Corona pandemic.

The new centre will also support the Emirati young traders by providing everything necessary to enhance the continuity and growth of their business, it stated.

The new store comes within the framework of the Social Solidarity Fund at Ministry of Interior's keenness to provide all forms of support for the employees and their families and the beneficiaries of Fazza membership by offering more than 6,000 goods and products of quality at reduced prices in addition to providing services by Fazaa, including automotive discounts as well as healthy food baskets, he added.
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