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Omani SWF supports innovation

A selection of featured articles on the theme, ‘Who Will Finance Innovation’, includes an insightful piece on the role of Oman’s sovereign wealth fund (SWF) in fostering local economic development through investments in technology start-ups, capacity building to enhance domestic economic competitiveness, R&D and knowledge transfer.

The article, co-authored by Hamid Hamirami — Senior Economist at Oman’s Ministry of Finance, cites the contribution of Oman Investment Fund (OIF) — which was recently incorporated into the newly integrated Oman.

Investment Authority (OIA) — in this regard. Titled ‘Sovereign Wealth Funds and Innovation Investing in an Era of Mounting Uncertainty’, the article illustrates the example of Omani SWF’s investment in Oxford Sciences Innovation (OSI), an innovative venture capital structure that incentivises research commercialisation on a campus.

OSI raised $700 million in its initial fundraising by bringing together SWFs Oman Investment Fund (now part of Oman Investment Authority) and Temasek of Singapore, along with value-added tech investors Google Ventures and Sequoia Capital.
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