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Pact inked to rollout telecom towers infrastructure in Port of Duqm

An exclusive agreement to rollout telecom towers infrastructure for mobile operators within the Port of Duqm concession land.

Oman Towers Company (OTC) and the Port of Duqm Company (PODC) have agreed to collaborate for the construction of a consistent network of towers in the Port of Duqm area, intending to make these towers available to all licensed MNOs and other telecommunication operators to ensure excellent mobile telephony coverage, as per MNOs’ requirement. These towers may also be used by governmental entities whenever applicable and approved.

OTC is an infrastructure solutions provider for Greenfield towers, rooftops, in-building solutions, and other innovative ideas for the 4th industrial revolution; moving ahead with the coming technologies like 5G, IoT and others. Besides, OTC is working with suppliers of street furniture to accommodate future antennas innovatively.

The agreement will allow Oman Towers Company to accommodate all service operators with different technologies on its towers in an open access means, which will save CAPEX investment, time, and enhance the efficiency of towers utilisation and expedite the deliveries. This agreement is a boost to the infrastructure within the Duqm region and makes it a definite investment hub for investors in Duqm.

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