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Salalah achieves 100% growth in RO-RO business

Port of Salalah achieved 100 per cent growth in its roll-on / roll-off (RO-RO) business and made significant progress in diverting Yemen-bound shipments through Salalah.

One of the commodity segments that stands out is the volume of cars being imported into Salalah in transit to Yemen. The volume of cars imported through RO-RO carriers has more than doubled in the last six months, as Port of Salalah imported about 18000 units in 2020 Year-to-date August, compared to 7000 units in 2019.

Securing this new source of business has resulted in an increase of “In Country Logistics value” of close to RO 1 million by way of direct employment and business generation by Omani service providers.

“The Port of Salalah continues exploring new opportunities and businesses; leveraging its infrastructure; and to its existing portfolio of services. We are delighted to support the growing RO-RO trade, which not only generates incremental economic activity in its hinterland, but also stimulates the local logistics ecosystem,” commented Sunil Joseph, Chief Commercial officer.

“This step towards diversification of cargo by Port of Salalah is another milestone in promoting Oman’s ideal position as a global logistics hub; connecting directly with major international ports, then distributing and serving neighboring markets, thanks to the Sultanate’s strategic location, world-class facilities and globally-competitive trade facilitation initiatives,” commented Muna al Subhi, Senior Strategist – Port Cluster, ASYAD Group

The Port of Salalah is recognized for not only being a fast-growing regional container hub but also for one of the world’s biggest exporter of gypsum, in addition to handling liquids and bagged cargo. The port continues on its long-term strategy for diversification of cargo to cater to the evolving and growing economic activity in the immediate and extended hinterland.
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