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Pact inked to manage electronic system for road freight transportation services

A pact has been inked to manage the electronic system for road freight transportation services in Oman.

Makhazen Logistics Company, which pertains to Shumookh Investment and Services – the investment arm of the Public Establishment for Industrial Estates – Madayn, signed an agreement with Nafith Logistics Services to manage and operate an integrated electronic system related to road freight transportation services.

The agreement aims at supporting the Omani carrier through an application that receives transportation requests electronically and subsequently notifies the registered Omani carriers in the application. The agreement was signed by Salah Al Zakwani, Chairman of the Board of Makhazen Logistics Company, and Nourah Mehyar, CEO of Nafith.

Through this agreement, the two parties aspire to work on an integrated system in the emerging field of logistics services and road freight transportation services through providing and managing the business of goods transportation within and outside the Sultanate as well as to provide job opportunities for job seekers in this field.

The system shall enable all transporters, owners and operators of trucks to register and offer their services. Besides, the system shall distribute the transportation requests transparently and fairly among the carriers, taking into account the classification and quality of the trucks owned by the carriers. It should be noted that Nafith Logistics Services is experienced in providing leading logistics services related to the land transport sector and contributing to supporting and facilitating the national trade, as well as enhancing the safety and security of the trade through adopting cutting-edge technology.

Madayn established Shumookh Investment and Services in 2010 to develop infrastructure projects and encourage investments in Madayn’s industrial cities. The vision of Shumookh is to develop globally competitive industrial infrastructure in the industrial cities of Madayn and create the best environment for the growth of industries in Oman through the attraction of strategic partnerships to invest and implementation of diverse infrastructure development projects in the industrial cities pertaining to Madayn.

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