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OQ commits to accountability with first Sustainability Report

OQ, Oman’s global integrated energy company, has further committed to its Energy Transition with the publication of its first-ever Sustainability Report, examining and documenting the Group’s progress towards a greener future.

This report marks the beginning of OQ’s journey, embracing transparency and accountability by providing key indicators that comprise our adoption of sustainability at our core.

The Sustainability Report was undertaken voluntarily by OQ and in compliance with the highest international and industry standards, specifically Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards, in order to allow our progress to be measured at the same level at which we conduct all other aspects of our business.

“Accelerating our sustainability agenda is one of our key focus areas. We do so by having a new OQ strategy for the ‘Energy Transition’. We will implement this new strategy in close partnerships and collaborations with various organisations and foundations.

We will continuously strive to inspire each other, find better solutions, and share best practices to increase efficiencies”, said OQ Group CEO Musab al Mahrouqi.

At OQ, sustainability refers not only to our environmental policies and conduct, but to the treatment of our most important resource: our people. Delivering sustainability and business excellence at every level is at the core of OQ’s values and work.

“To put sustainability at the centre of our business is a big opportunity that accelerates the speed of change. We understand that this process is not easy, and that we have a long way ahead of us. However, our commitment is firm towards driving our sustainability agenda at every level of our operations in the coming years”, said Ibtisam al Riyamiyah, OQ Chief — People, Technology and Culture.
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