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Madayn Industrial Academy organises ‘Training of Trainers’ programme

The Public Establishment for Industrial Estates – Madayn, represented by Madayn Industrial Academy, organised ‘Training of Trainers (TOT) ’programme.

This training programme is part of a series of programmes organised by Madayn to qualify and develop the human cadres in its various industrial cities.

Moderated by Dr Khamis Al Muniri, Director General of Madayn Industrial Academy, the TOT programme aimed at enhancing training skills of the human cadres of Madayn and develop their competencies to deliver training programmes, workshops and awareness lectures for the employees of Madayn and the investing companies and factories in the industrial cities.

It should be noted that Madayn Industrial Academy was established in 2019 to offer training opportunities for the national cadres to enhance administrative, financial and technical skills, boost their skills and raise their productivity, provide value-adding services to the investors in the industrial cities, provide new job opportunities for the national cadres.

Madayn Industrial Academy organises a series of training programmes and events that address the trending topics and challenges locally and globally. The academy also organises training-for-employment in cooperation with the concerned bodies in this field.

Madayn aims through the academy to develop the skills of the national cadres and complement the efforts made by the Sultanate to support training and Omanisation by providing scientific and practical training to the cadres to meet the needs of the industrial sector.

Madayn also aims through the academy to employ and develop the services offered to the companies and factories, enhance partnership with the educational and training related bodies to benefit from their expertise in the field of human resource development, improve production processes, simplify work procedures, and carry out industry-related research and studies.

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