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Madayn hosts industrial safety training

Madayn (The Public Establishment for Industrial Estates) concluded a five-day ‘Public Safety in Industrial Units’ programme under the auspices of Musallam bin Mohammed al Shehri, Head of Operations Sector at Madayn.

The programme focused on several topics related to food inspection, methods of food and water sampling, fire safety, and occupational safety and health inspection in industrial units.

The practical programme by Madayn Industrial Academy included field visits and training sessions to exchange expertise in health inspection and promote health fundamentals; highlight procedures of food and water sampling, and tools and methods used in the laboratory; learn about fire prevention and emergency measures in industrial units and experience several fire scenarios; and measures related to occupational safety and health in industrial units that are under construction.

The training sessions were held in cooperation with Muscat Municipality, Barka Municipality, International College of Engineering and Management and Al Tasnim Company. Towards the end of the programme, the participants were given a written examination and recommendations were highlighted.

It is worthwhile to mention that Madayn Industrial Academy was established in 2019 to offer training opportunities for the national cadres to enhance administrative, financial and technical skills, raise their productivity, provide value adding services to the investors in the industrial cities, and provide new job opportunities for the national cadres. Madayn Industrial Academy organises a series of training programmes and events that address trending topics and challenges locally and globally.

The academy also organises training-for-employment in cooperation with the concerned bodies in this field. Madayn aims through the academy to develop the skills of the national cadres by providing scientific and practical training opportunities to the cadres with the objective of meeting the requirements of the industrial sector.
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