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SMEs registered in Oman rise 13.4pc in Nov 2020

The total number of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) registered with the Authority for Small and Medium Enterprises Development in Oman at the end of November 2020 stood at 47,802.

This constitutes an increase by 13.4% compared to the same period of 2019, according to the data released by the National Centre for Statistics and information (NCSI).

Among the governorates, Muscat topped the list with 33% SMEs registered till the end of September 2020, followed by North Al Batinah with 16%, A'Dakhliyah with 13%, Dhofar with 8%, and the rest of governorates with 30%, the ONA said in a report.

16,024 SMEs registered in the Governorate of Muscat at the end of November 2020, followed by North Al Batinah with 7,536, A'Dakhliyah with 6,040, Dhofar with 3,979, South Al Batinah with 3,562, and North A'Sharqiah with 3,214 SMEs registered.

This was followed by South A'Sharqiah with 2,827, A'Dhahirah with 2,786 SMEs, and Al-Buraymi with 1,025 SMEs registered.

625 SMEs registered in the Al Wusta and 184 SMEs registered in Musandam, which was the lowest among governorates registered at the end of November 2020.

The total number of SMEs registered in October 2020 stood at 47,220, while the number of SMEs registered in September 2020 stood at 46,577.
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