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Oman implements TIR system for road transport

Major benefits: Sinyar to be guaranteeing association for registering transport companies under TIR.

The Sultanate, represented by Asyad Group, has initiated the implementation of the International Road Transport System (TIR) by registering companies through Sinyar, the guaranteeing association overseeing the registration of transport companies wishing to benefit from the TIR system.

Sinyar, a member of Asyad Group, will oversee the issuance and monitoring of TIR cards, in collaboration and coordination with Royal Oman Police – Directorate of Customs, selecting reliable TIR card holders and ensuring their continued compliance with the system.

Badr al Nadabi (pictured), Acting CEO of Sinyar, stated that the company will act as guaranteeing association for both local and international companies, train TIR card holders, manage the implementation of precautionary measures and monitor the movement of cards. Companies operating in Oman may apply for TIR cards by visiting Sinyar’s website: and selecting the TIR tab from the available options.
TIR has been facilitating and securing trade and international road transport for over 60 years and is set to align Oman’s transport and transit procedures with the measures applied in more than 100 countries around the world. Moreover, it is considered an enabler for facilitating private sector trade, via direct transit to the markets of the Gulf, India and Africa and affirms the Sultanate’s commitment to boosting trade across its borders.

Al Nadabi further added that the implementation of the TIR system is expected to contribute to enhancing and facilitating the movement of trade and the transit of goods at border crossings, while also simplifying customs procedures in a manner that promotes imports and exports.
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