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MoCIIP reviews investment opportunities in Asia

The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Investment Promotion (MoCIIP) in cooperation with the Foreign Ministry held a virtual meeting with the ambassadors of the Sultanate in Asian countries, under the auspices of Asila bint Salim al Samsamiyah, Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Investment Promotion for Investment Promotion, on Wednesday.

The meeting was attended by Shaikh Khalifa bin Ali al Harthi, Under-Secretary for Diplomatic Affairs at the Foreign Ministry, along with representatives from the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Information Technology, Ministry of Heritage and Tourism, the Public Authority for Special Economic Zones and Free Zones and Oman Investment Authority with the participation of 15 representatives of the Sultanate’s embassies in Asia.

The meeting was aimed at acquainting the participants with the investment opportunities available in various sectors in the Sultanate and ways of attracting foreign investments during the upcoming period as well as the economic developments in the Sultanate. Shaikh Khalifa bin Ali al Harthi valued the efforts being exerted by the MoCIIP to pull more foreign investments to the Sultanate underscoring the importance of activating the role of the diplomatic missions and enhancing cooperation between the ministries.

Asila bint Salim al Samsamiyah, Under-Secretary for Investment Promotion at the MoCIIP, said that this meeting stems from the ministry’s belief in interactive and integrative action between the state entities with a view to promoting Omani products in the global markets. She added that over the past period the MoCIIP embraced a set of policies aimed at creating an attractive climate for foreign investors including removing all setbacks and challenges facing investors, simplifying the procedures through an initiative aimed at restructuring the sector in line with the investment requirements, reinstating the investment portfolio project that encompasses investment opportunities in various government sectors, among other things.
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