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Alshawamikh Oil Services inks strategic pact with Highwood Global

To maintain the high-level of service qualities for different operating companies in the oil concession areas, Alshawamikh Oil Services, one of the Super Local Community Contractor companies (SLCC), recently signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Highwood Global, a technological Canadian leader company in the design and metal fabrication industry.

The agreement will enable Alshawamikh Oil Services to include high quality equipment and modern technologies that will serve their clients and meet their high-level standards and expectations for upcoming projects in different concession areas.

The partnership will also upscale the level of quality, speed and automation of services using the latest technologies in the energy sector meeting international standards keeping pace with the mission, vision and core values of Alshawamikh Oil Services.

Dr Aflah bin Saeed al Hadhrami, CEO of Alshawamikh Oil Services, said, “The strategic partnership with Highwood Global will develop the local expertise and enhance the performance of Alshawamikh in the energy sector. By using the latest technology, we will be able to undergo projects that enhance the local added value in the energy sector and enable local companies to enhance their role in this vital sector.

Alshawamikh Oil Services is one of the Super Local Community Contractor companies (SLCC)- a private national shareholding company with 100 per cent Omani ownership.

It was established in 2011 through a Royal Decree in order to create investment opportunities for citizens residing in the oil concession areas in the wilayats of Bahla and Adam.
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