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Oman offers three hydrocarbon blocks for development

The 2021 Licensing Round of the Sultanate of Oman was unveiled by the Ministry of Energy and Minerals on Wednesday. On offer are three hydrocarbon concessions for Oil & Gas exploration and development. Bidding for Blocks 23, 38 and 66 will open effective from early August 2021, the Ministry said.

Block 23 is an offshore concession to the west of Masirah Oil Limited’s (MOL) Block 50 where the first petroleum system was unearthed off Oman’s east coast in 2014. Block 66, on the other hand, is located in the west of the Sultanate adjoining Oman’s border with Saudi Arabia. Block 38, the third of the three concessions offered as part of the latest bid round, is located in Dhofar Governorate, adjoining Oman’s border with Yemen.
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