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Ministry focus on finding solutions to challenges of Industrial Sector

Reviewing the challenges facing the industrial sector, finding solutions to fix them, and implementing the best practices for industries in Oman were among the objectives of a workshop held by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Investment Promotion (MOCIIP).

The workshop also aimed to exchange experiences and ideas with the relevant authorities in the industrial sector to find the best solutions to the concerns faced by the country’s industries. Another priority of the event was to come up with the right recommendations for ministries and other relevant organisations to implement that will help the industrial sector grow.

“The industrial sector is a vital sector and plays a pivotal role in economic development,” said Sami Al Sahib, general manager of the industry at the MOCIIP. “Many depend on it during this and the next stage of economic development, because it is one of the main sectors supporting the country. It is also considered one of the main pillars adopted by Oman in its economic diversification plans.”

The organisation of the workshop comes out of the ministry’s efforts to develop the industrial sector so that it can play its role in economic development in line with Oman Vision 2040 and the Industrial Strategy 2040.

The Industrial Strategy 2040 aims to diversify the manufacturing activities into technology- and knowledge-based activities and develop unique and diversified products, in addition to focusing on industries based on natural resources and industries based on capital.

"During the planning of the Industrial Strategy 2040, the reality of the industrial sector was diagnosed, the promising opportunities were identified, and the sectors that will provide a strategic direction for the development of the manufacturing sector were identified,” said Zahra Al Siyabiya, director of the Department of Industrial Development.

The programmes of the Industrial Strategy 2040 include creating new knowledge-based industries, entrepreneurship and industrial innovation, developing and modernising the Omani industry, governance and management of industrial development, and strategy developments to improve in-country value opportunities.

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