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Business Gateways International and The Energy Year sign MoU on global co-operation

Muscat, Oman – Business Gateways International and The Energy Year sign MoU on global co-operation

Business Gateways International (BGI) Oman and The Energy Year UK are pleased to announce the signing of an MoU aimed at enhancing global co-operation between the two institutions and enabling The Energy Year’s international representation of BGI’s successful IT platforms in selected markets.

BGI, an Oman-based IT organisation that implements nationwide technology-driven projects, has signed an MoU with The Energy Year, an internationally recognised business intelligence and strategic communication company, for the representation of BGI’s successful IT platforms, spanning procurement, local content development, subsidy systems and investment facilitation.

The MoU was signed by Hemant Murkoth, Director & CEO of BGI, and Peter Szabadi, COO of The Energy Year, at BGI’s office in Knowledge Oasis Muscat (KOM), Oman.

BGI has been serving the Oman government and ministerial stakeholders for the past 10 years by operating strategic IT platforms under build and operate models, enabling the achievement of various national-level objectives.

The Energy Year, formerly known as The Oil & Gas Year, is a leading international energy publication that delivers first-hand business intelligence on more than 30 emerging energy markets worldwide, with its presence spreading through countries in Africa, the Middle East and the Americas. The company has long been producing annual, country-specific business intelligence reports to highlight key investment opportunities, help market players make informed business decisions and shed light on landmark projects and undertakings.

Under this MoU, The Energy Year will engage markets in Africa and globally, with an aim to explore implementation of platforms operated by BGI that could potentially benefit governments and sector-level stakeholders in other countries. The combined experience of The Energy Year and BGI in consulting and implementing strategic initiatives are aligned to be key beneficial drivers for governments and business ecosystems in those regions.

Countries worldwide are today prioritising their local content development initiatives to ensure retention of spend in-country, leading to better growth and employment potentials through major procurement, FDI and subsidy implementation models. The BGI and The Energy Year partnership is aimed at consulting for governments on the IT enablement of such initiatives leading to strategic and operational empowerment of their implemented projects.

The Energy Year and BGI will work closely with key stakeholders in target international markets to replicate the success stories of BGI-driven platforms in Oman, that can be adapted according to national requirements and objectives, through the combined experiences of The Energy Year and BGI.

“This MoU is a strategic partnership that will enable us to leverage our expertise and experience in delivering strategic IT platforms supporting national development goals for countries around the world. We are confident that our collaboration with The Energy Year will open new opportunities for both of us to expand and strengthen our footprint globally and proactively support the governments and their business ecosystems towards long-term economic growth," said Hemant Murkoth, Director & CEO of BGI.

“We are delighted to partner with BGI as they have proven their capabilities in providing cutting-edge IT platforms that can add strategic value to the countries of our interest. The Energy Year’s strength lies in the vast amounts of knowledge and business intelligence gained over the years across multiple energy markets globally. We are excited to take these strengths to the next level by identifying key areas that could have significant impact through the implementation of BGI’s IT platforms. As the global energy landscape is going through major shifts, investors are keen to learn what energy nations do to attract expertise and market players and streamline procurement processes. We believe that BGI’s solutions are highly relevant for international markets where we have a strong presence and network. We look forward to working together with BGI in bringing strategic IT services of national importance to our worldwide markets,” said Peter Szabadi, COO of The Energy Year.

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