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Oman Electricity Transmission Company Completes Barik Grid Station Project

Oman Electricity Transmission Company (OETC) has announced the successful completion of the Barik Grid Station project, a critical part of the RABT initiative aimed at establishing a unified national electricity grid in Oman.

With an investment of approximately USD 116 Million, the Barik station has been integrated into the extensive RABT project, which aims to connect the Main Interconnection System (MIS) in northern Oman along with an isolated Dhofar System in southern Oman.

The primary objective of the Barik project is to link Petroleum Development Oman’s (PDO) electricity network with the main grid, making it an integral part of the strategic national project ‘RABT.’

By meeting transmission security standards, accommodating load growth, and ensuring a stable and reliable electricity supply to the region, the RABT project is set to offer cost-competitive electricity to consumers, reduce reliance on diesel-powered generation, and facilitate the seamless integration of solar and wind-based generation.

Around 194 km of 400kV of overhead lines was constructed as part of the Barik grid station project, extending to the Nihada Grid Station.

The Barik station is one of five 400kV grid stations built at intervals along the 660 km interconnector route, connecting the MIS with the isolated networks of PDO and the Rural Areas Electricity Company (Tanweer) in Duqm.

This constitutes Phase 1 of the RABT project, which stands as OETC’s most significant investment to date, with construction expected to be completed in the third quarter of this year.

Phase 2 of the RABT interconnector project is planned to extend southwards approximately 502 km from Duqm to Thamrait, where it will join with the Dhofar System. Total investment in Phase 2 amounts to around USD 490 Million.

The State Grid Corporation of China (SGID), a key shareholder in OETC with a 49% stake, and Nama Holding holding the remaining 51% stake in the company, play crucial roles in the project’s realization.

The Rabt Interconnector Project, projected to be fully operational by 2025, is set to revolutionize Oman’s electricity landscape, creating a unified grid and paving the way for sustainable energy integration.

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