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ESMEA & businessgateways sign MoC

A milestone in the history of businessgateways!

businessgateways is pleased to announce the signing of the Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC) with the European Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise Association (ESMEA), based in Germany, to support ESMEA Members and the JSRS CSN explore business opportunities in both Europe and Oman.

The MoC was signed on 26 September 2023, by the ESMEA’s Vice Chairman, Alexander Eckardi and businessgateways’ Director & CEO Hemant Murkoth. The MoC marks a significant step for BGI & ESMEA; with ESMEA intending to connect their members to the JSRS CSN while also providing multiple business services to Suppliers who are already part of the JSRS Certified Suppliers Network (JSRS CSN).

Based on this MoC, ESMEA and businessgateways will jointly host a series of webinar, B2B Networking events, Delegation visits and bilateral opportunities with the intentions to connect and strengthen business relations Oman, Germany and Other ESMEA Countries.

This MoC is the beginning of several new initiatives that will be mutually implemented by ESMEA and businessgateways with a common goal, which is to help Companies communicate with each other and develop their businesses.

ESMEA and businessgateways will soon begin hosting B2B Events; interested companies can register on JSRS, to be part of the upcoming session.

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