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National Gas to develop Truck Rest Area project at Khazaen in Oman

National Gas Company, based in Rusayl Industrial City in Muscat, has announced the signing of a 44-year lease contract with Khazan Economic City for the development and maintenance of the Khazaen Truck Rest Area Project.

The project marks a significant step forward in NGC's growth and diversification strategy. The company is investing RO 2.7 million in the development of a comprehensive truck rest area in Khazaen, spanning 50,000 square meters.

The facility will provide a range of amenities and services to cater to the needs of truck drivers and operators, including commercial shops, a drivers' dormitory, vehicle maintenance services, tire shops, and storage facilities.

The Khazaen Truck Rest Area Project is expected to be completed within two years. NGC is currently evaluating various financing options to support the investment.

The project is seen as a valuable addition to Khazaen Economic City, which is rapidly developing into a major hub for logistics and trade. The truck rest area is expected to attract a significant number of truck drivers and operators, providing them with a safe and convenient place to rest and recharge. The project is also expected to generate employment opportunities for local residents.

NGC is committed to working with local contractors and suppliers to ensure that the project benefits the Omani economy, the publicly traded company noted in a filing to the Muscat Stock Exchange (MSX).

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