OTTCO represents the next generation of Oman’s diversified infrastructure. OTTCO focuses on leading technology, employment opportunities, environmental standards and a long-term sustainability plan of operations.
OTTCO exploits the geo-political value of Oman’s location and the strategic significance of Ras Markaz. Ras Markaz is located on Oman’s Indian Ocean coastline, 1000kms from the Straits of Hormuz, a potential choke point in the oil supply chain. Our location provides easy access to markets in South Asia, the Far East and Africa as well as land and sea access to producers in the Middle East.
Ras Markaz is aiming to become a crude hub comparable to Rotterdam and Singapore.
The Services we offer
Short & long term commercial storage. Strategic storage. Value-adding services including blending, and making bulk. 24/7 operations.
Investment and Partnership
OTTCO will provide centralised operations, maintenance and management. OTTCO’s wholly-owned facilities will sit alongside JV’s and sole venture storage. Shared infrastructure will provide OTTCO’s customers with advantages for their Capex, Opex and (operational) management.
Safety and Sustainability 

Our values of transparency and trustworthiness are the cornerstones of all our relationships. We have a reputation for fairness, value and being a trusted long term partner. We adhere to recognised best practice for HSSE.