OQ SAOC is a global integrated energy company with roots in Oman – operating in 17 countries around the world and covering the entire value chain from exploration and production to marketing and distribution of end-user products. OQ SAOC’s fuels and chemicals are sold in over 60 countries worldwide, making them a prominent player in the energy sector.
In late 2019, OQ SAOC successfully merged nine legacy companies to form a stronger, united and more efficient consolidated entity to become a global player and integrated energy brand offering end to end products, services and solutions in upstream and downstream.
As a versatile innovator, OQ SAOC embraces the new momentum and synergies from their integration to expand horizons and opportunities. This includes the enormous challenges of addressing the ever-growing demand across the value chain for sustainable energy and raw material solutions.
OQ SAOC have set their sights on an ambitious future supported by robust planned investments, an increase in downstream production to 24 million tonnes by 2030, and the introduction of new business lines, including alternative energy, gas management and retail.
OQ SAOC prides in the use of their combined expertise from across the energy sector to uphold and enable Oman's Vision 2040. Their critical in-country value (ICV) approach influences their innovative product development path, investments and acquisition strategies to support the Sultanate in providing high-value raw materials to global markets.
As a catalyst for change, the newly integrated company will also facilitate foreign direct investment and private-sector participation in the energy sector.