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Sourcing made simple & cost-effective


businessgateways is pleased to introduce the JSRS CSN Sourcing Hub, a unique initiative designed to make Supplier sourcing simple and cost-effective.

While the Marketing and Sales Departments of JSRS Supplier Companies are constantly looking out for new business opportunities, their Procurement Departments are in parallel looking out for better deals & better prices from new high-quality Suppliers. So, we, at businessgateways, offer you a new service, specially designed to serve both the Marketing/Sales & Procurement Departments of our valuable Suppliers on the JSRS CSN.

JSRS CSN Sourcing

As a Certified JSRS company on the JSRS CSN, businessgateways offers you the exclusive Sourcing Hub support service to source all your purchase requirements from the JSRS CSN, a network of thousands of certified Suppliers. The JSRS CSN Sourcing Hub service is intended to bring new and relevant business opportunities.

Here is how the JSRS CSN Sourcing Hub works.

jsrs sourcing for sales For the Marketing/Sales Teams

Just login to JSRS and update your Products & Services. This way you will be seen by Procurement Teams during their Sourcing Events. You will be notified when an opportunity is available. All you need to do is check if you are interested and connect directly with the buyer.

Gain visibility during Sourcing Events and increase the possibility of procuring unique opportunities.

  • jsrs sourcing bulletLogin to JSRS
  • jsrs sourcing bulletUpdate your Products & Services and your contact details
  • jsrs sourcing bulletYou will be notified when an opportunity is available
  • jsrs sourcing bulletConnect directly with buyers regarding procurement details

Rest assured, these relevant and unique opportunities, will make a difference.

jsrs sourcing
For the Procurement Teams Procurment Team icon

Just access the JSRS CSN Sourcing Hub and post your procurement requirements there. All you need to do is follow a simple process of submitting the sourcing form and leave it to businessgateways to do the rest. Sounds good? Go ahead and give it a try!

Extend your Procurement Engagements with the JSRS CSN for better results, at lower Supplier acquisition costs.

jsrs sourcing
  • jsrs sourcing bulletJust login to JSRS and click on JSRS CSN Sourcing Hub
  • jsrs sourcing bulletFill in and post your purchase requirement
  • jsrs sourcing bulletResponses from interested & credible Suppliers will be shared with you
  • jsrs sourcing bulletYou can communicate with them directly regarding the procurement details

Better Chances and Better Deals with more new Suppliers from the JSRS CSN.

The JSRS CSN Sourcing Hub service is exclusively provided to the JSRS CSN free of cost! For more information, please contact our sourcing expert at sourcing@businessgateways.com.

Login to JSRS to access the JSRS CSN Sourcing Hub right away!

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