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Welcome to The Stage – a promising initiative by businessgateways bringing together the JSRS Community on a common Online Knowledge Sharing Platform! We are excited to extend our invitation to speak at The Stage on any of the following Streams that might interest you:

Business Opportunities Stream: Present your Organisation’s current and planned Projects – highlighting your procurement opportunities for SMEs / In-Country Value (ICV) based and International Sourcing.

Trending Technologies Stream: Share your experience in highlighting Best Practices, Industry Trends, Technology Insights adapted or being served by your organisation that could potentially impact Oman’s Oil & Gas and Other Industries.

Trade Governance Stream: Highlight your Country’s Trade & Investment Opportunities and present how your business communities can contribute towards Best Practices applicable in Oman.

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Connecting China to Oman's Procurement & Investment Opportunities

The Stage webinar on 'Connecting China to Oman's Procurement & Investment Opportunities' was attended by the JSRS Community and other organizations across globe.

Special thanks to the Embassy of the People's Republic of China (Oman), Madayn, OPAZ, Khazaen Economic City, PDO, Daleel Petroleum, Oman Wanfang (Chinese Investment in Oman), for participating and presenting their views on Procurement & Investment opportunities in Oman, and how China can contribute towards the Sultanate's need to diversify its economy.

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Webinar on Oman VAT Law

Oman's VAT Law

The Stage webinar on the Oman VAT Law was attended by the JSRS Community and organizations across Oman and other countries. Special thanks to the tax lawyers of Oman's Al-Hashmi Law for presenting the session and providing valuable insights on the upcoming VAT Legislation in Oman.

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Webinar by Daleel Petroleum LLC

The Stage webinar on COVID-19 Impact on Oman's Business & ICV, conducted on 17 June 2020 as part of our webinar series: Doing Business in Oman: COVID-19, was attended by JSRS Community and other organizations across Oman. Special thanks to Ghassan Bait. Bin Saleem and Jamil Al Riyami from Daleel Petroleum, for presenting an insightful webinar on current Market Dynamics and Procurement trend during COVID-19.

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The Stage webinar by Daleel Petroleum LLC
The Stage webinar by The Energy Year

Doing Business in Oman: COVID-19

The Stage webinar on "Doing Business in Oman: COVID-19" was attended by JSRS Community and other organisations across Oman. Special thanks to Peter Szabadi, COO of The Energy Year, for presenting this valuable session and guiding companies to embrace new opportunities.

  • Discussion Stream: Business Opportunities
  • Topic: Doing Business in Oman: COVID-19
  • Speaker: Peter Szabadi, COO, The Energy Year
  • Date: 29 April 2020

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The Solution is in Duqm

The inaugural event of The Stage was conducted on 29 January 2019. The first event was a presentation by the Special Economic Zone at Duqm (SEZD) under The Stage Stream "Business Opportunities". Audiences participated in the live webinar to understand progressive business opportunities within Duqm, one of the largest development projects in the Middle East.

SEZD has launched its Supplier Certification System on Oman’s Joint Supplier Registration System (JSRS). Companies interested to work in Duqm can now connect to SEZD through the JSRS.

Signup now to watch the recorded webinar video of SEZD’s presentation "The Solution is in Duqm".

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The Stage webinar by SEZAD

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