Oman's VAT Law

A dynamic webinar on Oman's upcoming Value Added Tax (VAT) legislation.

11 Nov 2020


Webinar Overview

The Stage webinar on the Oman VAT Law was attended by the JSRS Community and other organizations across Oman and other countries. Special thanks to the tax lawyers of Oman’s Al-Hashmi Law for presenting the session and providing valuable insights on the upcoming VAT Legislation in Oman.

This webinar was organized by The Stage, an online knowledge-sharing platform, driven by businessgateways.

  • Discussion Stream: Trade Governance
  • Topic: Oman Vat Law
  • Date: 11 November 2020

The Speakers

Prominent figures from Al-Hashmi Law offered valuable insights on the upcoming VAT Legislation in Oman.


Omar Al Hashmi

Managing Partner – Al Hashmi Law

Founder of Al Hashmi Law and an accomplished bilingual lawyer with 18 years’ experience.


Thomas Vanhee

Founder – Aurifer

Founder of Aurifer. Presently assisting GCC businesses in preparation for the implementation of VAT.


Dhana Pillai

Head of Property, Tax and Project Finance – Al Hashmi Law

International Corporate Tax lawyer specialising in Data Privacy, real estate, construction & project financing.


Faisal Al Alasousi

Counsel – Aurifer

Experienced Counsellor with strong tax policy background & knowledge in polices and tax treaty negotiation.

Webinar Highlights

The webinar focused on the upcoming VAT Law in Oman, which is proposed to be implemented in April 2021. The session provided insights on various crucial topics related to the law such as:

  • Who must register for VAT?
  • The impact on transactions with other GCC countries
  • VAT Principles and Obligations
  • Who is liable for the payment of VAT, zero-ratings, and exemptions under the law?
  • How to prepare for the introduction of the new tax.
  • The implementation of VAT in your business

The Stage webinar was attended by participants from 27 countries. We would like to thank all our participants for their overwhelming response.

Our webinar poll indicated that 90% of the participants found the webinar very informative and useful.

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Value Added Tax in Oman

The Value Added Tax (VAT) is an indirect tax levied on the consumption of goods and services. Oman plans to implement VAT, proposing to enforce it during April 2021. VAT's introduction in Oman will mark a paradigm shift in the Sultanate's business environment, which until now, is not used to such consumption taxes.

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