Connecting UK to Oman's Procurement & Investment Opportunities

28 April 2021

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About the Event

The Stage webinar on 'Connecting UK to Oman's Procurement & Investment Opportunities' was attended by the JSRS Community and other organizations across the globe.

Special thanks to MOCIIP, DIT UK, PDO, Daleel, OPAZ and Addleshaw Goddard for participating and presenting their views on Procurement & Investment opportunities in Oman, and how the UK can contribute towards the Sultanate's need to diversify its economy.

This webinar was organized by The Stage, an online Knowledge-Sharing Platform, driven by businessgateways.

  • Discussion Stream: Trade Governance
  • Topic: Connecting UK to Oman's Procurement & Investment Opportunities
  • Date: 28 April 2021

Webinar Overview

The Sultanate of Oman's strategic location within the Arabian Peninsula, internal political stability, favourable tax regime and strong existing links with the UK offer significant export opportunities for UK businesses. The UK has always been a notable investor in Oman.

The Stage, driven by businessgateways, was proud to present this Webinar aimed at organisations wanting to understand Oman's potential in Procurement & Investment Opportunities.

The 120-minute event showcased Oman as a potential destination for business opportunities & investment/project partnerships. With presentations that covered Procurement, Investment and business establishment offered by Oman’s Industry Leaders and culminated with a Panel Discussion.

The Speakers

Industry leaders from MOCIIP, DIT UK, PDO, Daleel, OPAZ and Addleshaw Goddard presented and delivered their views on various opportunities through which UK organisations can support the Sultanate's economic growth and global expansion.

businessgateways invited JSRS Suppliers from Oman, UK & worldwide, to attend this webinar and benefit.

DIT UK is an honoured globeconnect Partner, whose objective is to seek, identify and connect with right companies from Oman, for potential partnerships across business opportunities / technology / investment, with reputed UK companies.


Webinar Highlights

The webinar focused on ways the UK can contribute towards the Sultanate's need to diversify its economy and explored the Procurement & Investment Opportunities in Oman.

The session provided insights on various crucial topics related to the Procurement and Investment opportunities in Oman, such as:

  • Introduction to The Sultanate of Oman's Investment Landscape
  • Oman-UK Economic Relations
  • Session 1: Contribution of International Suppliers to Oman's Local Content Development (ICV)
  • Session 1: Introduction to Oman's Procurement
  • Session 2: Oman's Investment Opportunities
  • Session 3: Establishing Business in Oman
  • Session 4: JSRS Certified Suppliers Network (JSRS CSN) – The Gateway to Oman’s Procurement
  • Session 5: Panel Discussion: How can UK and Omani companies collaborate for mutual growth?
  • Session 6: B2B Announcement: Sector Aligned B2B Meetings on The Stage between UK & Oman Companies
  • Q&A Session and Closing Remarks by businessgateways

The Stage webinar was attended by participants from 18 countries. We would like to thank all our participants for their overwhelming response.

Oman's Procurement and Investment Opportunities

As an active member of the GCC, and with projects worth billions across all sectors, Oman is the perfect global business opportunity, fast growing into a world class economy model and becoming a lifestyle destination in the process. To streamline the supply chain demands which projects in Oman would create, the Ministry of Energy and Minerals, Oman implemented a centralized certification and procurement platform for Suppliers - the Joint Supplier Registration System (JSRS), driven by businessgateways and hosted on:

The Joint Supplier Registration System (JSRS) is a 'single window' industrywide supplier registration and certification system. Today, the JSRS is fast becoming a National Procurement Initiative which is the primary sourcing base of Oman's Oil & Gas and other major industries' procurement system.


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