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Welcome to our September 2021 Newsletter

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Since its inception in 2011, businessgateways has created online platforms that enable organizations, people and governments to reach their goals with our improved business agility by building on innovation, technology and sustainability – connecting the world of business in a way that is unique and exciting.

The past couple of years (the Covid-19 pandemic) have challenged our world in a way never seen before. But this has inspired us to explore new and invigorating channels of connecting with our stakeholders.

This September marks the launch of our Newsletter. With this, we wish to build a community that encourages free flow of information in a space that brings our stakeholders to the forefront. Our monthly Newsletter will bring you exciting news from all Sectors, insights from Industry leaders, updates on the JSRS, In Country Value (ICV), happening procurement projects and information on upcoming Events. Scroll down to read this month’s highlights.

JSRS Happenings

Welcoming new entrants on the JSRS

The Joint Supplier Registration System (JSRS) is quickly becoming a National Procurement Initiative in Oman, a primary sourcing base of Oman’ s Oil & Gas and other major industries’ procurement system. With our community growing every month, we are shedding light on the new entrants who have recently joined JSRS. 

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Buyers Community

In August’21 we welcomed Petrogas Rima LLC – an Oil & Gas Operator and Vodafone Oman, a leading Telecom Operator to the JSRS Buyers Community. We are excited to add such notable names to our JSRS Buyers Community that would eventually benefit the JSRS Certified Suppliers. At present, we have 22 Oil & Gas Operators and 10 Other Industry Buyers. Explore the JSRS Buyers Community

JSRS Certified Suppliers Network (JSRS CSN)

August’21 also saw over 70 Suppliers certified on JSRS from Oman and around the world. Congratulations to the companies who have recently joined the JSRS Certified Suppliers Network (JSRS CSN). Read More on JSRS


globeconnect Partners

We welcome international and national trade organizations & embassies based in Oman or around the world seeking to engage with Oman’s JSRS business community for Trade and Investment, to join the globeconnect Partner Program. We recently welcomed Enterprise Singapore as the latest member of globeconnect Partners. Read More

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Current Projects on the Market

Browse through the various upcoming projects and tenders that are being floated by JSRS Buyers Community, EPCs and Contractors.

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ICV (In-Country Value) Speak

Explore Current ICV-related Market News

New ICV deal signed to develop capability of Omani companies 

Schlumberger Oman has signed an agreement with Crimson Petroleum Services as part of its ICV strategy to develop the capacity and capability of Omani companies and to maximise expenditure on goods and services made in Oman. Read More

PDO Awards $4B Service Deals

To maximise capital efficiency, generate multi-million-dollar savings and enhance In-Country Value (ICV) opportunities, PDO has announced that it has signed major service contracts worth $4 billion covering project maintenance & delivery in its concession areas. Read More

Happenings @ businessgateways

Here’s a look at what we have planned for the coming month.



11 AM – 12:00 PM Oman 

60 Minutes

Oman Ministry of Energy and Minerals – JSRS Certificate: Introduction Webinar (FREE)

Attend this 60-min webinar (we recommend attending with your team) to understand the JSRS Certification Process, its Benefits and how the certificate is a gateway to additional Certifications across Oman’s business ecosystem, which adds to the credibility of your company.

Read More



11 AM – 12:00 PM Oman 

60 Minutes

Opportunities on JSRS – Support Webinar

This webinar will focus on the various modules in JSRS related to business opportunities and how you can configure these to avoid missing out on enquiries. Attend this webinar to maximise your utilization of the JSRS, the benefits of Contracts Management and Tender Opportunities.

Read More

JSRS Spotlight (Sponsored)

Here are some highlights of businessgateways’ initiatives


bidproc is an Oman grown online Events (eTender & eAuction) platform, supporting Omani SME Asset Building in the Disposal & Purchase of: Excess Goods | Industrial Scrap | Used Vehicles | Used Equipment

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The JSRS CSN Sourcing Hub is a unique initiative designed to make Supplier sourcing simple and cost-effective and is intended to bring new and relevant business opportunities to the JSRS CSN. 

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Here is what JSRS Suppliers say.

“We are quite satisfied with JSRS regarding ease of access for petrochemical companies supply chain in Oman. This platform offers maximum exposure for suppliers thus offering equal opportunities to all parties involved.”



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